«Avtovaz» is in the list of the world business Titans

05 апреля 2005 16:04

Thirteen russian companies turned to be in the list of the world business Titans, published in the magazine «Forbs». «Avtovaz» takes here the 1836-th position.

This list consists of 2000 world-wide corporations, the success of which is judged not only by market capitalization, but also by such factors as volume of sales, profit and asset. Hence, the first place takes the american bank corporation «City group». The second, third and the fourth lines occupy the companies from USA; these are: «General Electric”, «American International group» and «Bank of America» accordingly. The first set of five completes the british bank corporation H-S-B-C.

As for russian companies, the following ones turned to be in this list : «Gazprom» with 67 place, «Lukoil» – 161 place, RAO EES – 252 place, » Surgutneftegas » – 360 place, «Sberbank» – 409 place, «Sibneft» – 452 place, «Norilisk Nickel» – 504 place, MTS – 759 place, «Tatneft» – 938 place, «Severstal» – 1091 place, — «Vimpelkom» – 1468 place, » Avtovaz » – 1836 place, Steel group «Mechel» — 1985- place.

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