Regional government examined the benefits

28 января 2005 08:57

The Board of government of Samara region has taken the resolution, specifying the order of granting rent allowances and public utilities to needing inhabitant of the province.

Since 2005 these sums will be taken from regional budget, not from municipal, as it’s used to be. Moreover, the bases according to which people will get these subsidies have also changed. Now the families, with 1000 — 2 900 rubles sole income, have the right to a partial rent compensation. These people will pay 10 — 22% overall value of the housing and communal services.

The subsidy payout means for 35 percents of the population of Samara region are mortgaged in regional budget in corpore. The Municipalities will get them as the subvention from regional treasury. The New scheme will come into force in January.

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