The 28-years old Sergey Brushinin wins Chevrolet Niva

31 января 2005 16:27

According to the tradition at GM-AVTOVAZ joint venture in January, the 28th, took place a lottery among employees who had no absence at the work place in 2004.

A Chevrolet Niva and two more all-expenses-paid-trip to Moscow and a European country for the choice of the winner were raffled at the special ceremony in the presence of John Mylonas and Richard Swando.

MDA Planning Specialist, Sergey Brushinin, became the happy winner of Chevrolet Niva. The 23-years old Alsu Shaydullova, General Assembly Line, and the 26-years old Olga Zyunova, Paint Shop, together with their partners will enjoy 5-days trip to Moscow and Europe correspondingly.

We would like to remind you that last year the 22-years old Elena Dementyeva, the workwoman of Paint Shop, became the owner of Chevrolet Niva.

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