The monument dedicated to the warriors died in hot spots will be erected In Togliatti

16 февраля 2005 11:55

The ceremony of the laying of the foundation stone of this monument took place on the 15th of the February in Avtozavodsky district, near by Preobrazhensky cathedral. 37 memorial plates with 20-year boys’ portraits, taken from the avenue situated in the 10th block, served as a basis for the monument; hence they were committed to the earth. In the near future 5-meter obelisk representing a flying falcon will be erected on this place. The Author of the memorial is an architect Viktor Zubkov.

Meanwhile, many parents were against this monument. They think this project will not be completed, and their sons will be forgotten. But some of them think that the place before Preobrazhensky cathedral is the right place for the memorial.

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