What are Avtovaz average wages?

24 марта 2005 16:27

We tried to find it out with the help of our readers. For this purpose we published the public opinion poll titled “What are Avtovaz average wages?” This question turned out to be an actual one for 799 readers.

The Absolute majority — 314 persons are certain that Avtovaz average wages are 6 thousand rubles per month. The second popular answer is «8 thousand» — 181 participation of the poll hold this opinion. Slightly less, 133 respondents consider that an ordinary worker of Avtovaz gets 4 thousand rubles per month. 106 town-dwellers think that Avtovaz average wages are about 10 thousand rubles. It is the opinion of 42 readers that this sum averages 15 thousand rubles. Then there is just 1% — 7 respondents who consider that a worker of Avtovaz can earn 20 thousand per month. And, as it turned out, there are just 16 readers who are sure that it’s possible here to earn 30 thousand rubles per month.

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