Best salesmen of Chevrolet Niva will go for a trip

21 марта 2005 11:38

Sales and Marketing Department of «GM-AVTOVAZ» summed up the results of competition which involved salesmen from authorized dealer center providing and stimulating corporate sales. Within 2 months they had to sell as many as possible vehicles to corporate buyers.

The competition was carried out in two steps. According to the total results the first best became Timur Manapov from Omsk (“West Siberian Aliens” Ltd.) who was awarded with a briefcase and Certificate of receiving a tourist trip in a value of 500 USD.

The second step was won by Dmitry Starkov from Perm (“Autoland” Ltd.), Alexey Schulman from Moscow (“Auto center City”), Tatyana Semenova from Yaroslavl (“Spectrum Auto”), Olga Petrova from Rostov-na-Donu (“Autocenter”), Ilya Mischenko from Velikiy Novgorod (“Autosalon Compass”) and Anton Filimonov from Samara (“VIP-Auto”).

They also have received Certificates and will go for a tourist trip.

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