Chevrolet Niva comes to CIS

31 марта 2005 15:08

31st of March 2004 the first 200 cars were sent to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The success was predictable because this off-roader fits to the climate and road conditions of this country in the best way. Kazakhstan takes the second place in the rating of Chevrolet Niva sales. But the absolute leader is Ukraine, Chevrolet Niva sales there amounts 57% of total export to CIS. The significant sales volume is due to the fact that sales are carried out by distributor, which has a wide network consisting from 80 dealership centers.

The cars are sold very well in Azerbaijan, which takes the third place in the sales rating, and now dealership centers order much more cars than earlier. The export in Byelorussia, Armenia, and Uzbekistan is about 3-5%. Last year Uzbekistan customs officers ordered 120 off-roaders. Konstantin Bayshev, Sales and Marketing Director, has just returned from Uzbekistan. He says that Chevrolet Niva there enjoy steady demand taking into account local mountainous roads. The Uzbekistan dealers insist on doubling of supplying volume.

Totally 5402 automobiles were sold within a year of being exported to CIS. This year Chevrolet Niva will be exported in Tajikistan and Moldova. According to forecast of our specialists in 2005 the export to CIS will be doubled.

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